Friday, September 26, 2014

Social Media Sharing

Some of you are probably wondering how social media sharing works on Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.

The general guidelines:

Your posts will be shared on Pinterest if it will benefit another milso/milspouse. Tips, advice, inspiration, ideas, etc.

Your posts will be shared on Twitter regardless of the content. Lifestyle, sponsored posts, reviews, thoughts, linkups, anything you post. Tweets are scheduled 10 times a day M-F.

Your posts will be shared on Facebook if there's a picture attached and it fits in a category in the albums section. If you write a particularly poignant military-related post that doesn't have an accompanying picture, it'll be posted on the page's timeline as a link.


I check the Milso Bloggers Directory feed several times a week and line up posts to be shared. If there's more than 50 posts queued, only posts that aren't shared on Pinterest and Facebook will be tweeted.

Sometimes I'll post from oldest to newest. But if there's a large queue, I'll go down the blogger line so that each blog gets at least one one post shared per week.

The only hard and fast guidelines:

Bloggers must be linked into the directory in order to have their posts shared.

I try my hardest to make sure each post gets shared on at least one social media platform.

***If you've added or changed your social media since linking into the directory, send an email with the new info so I can be sure to give credit to the correct social media account and/or blog.***

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