Monday, August 4, 2014

Duty Station Diaries: RAF Mildenhall

Duty Station Diaries

Today we're pleased to have Nicole from LungesandLace joining us to show off her duty station.

Hello! My name is Nicole, and my husband is in the US Air Force. I am a fitness instructor and substitute at the middle school on base. My blog, LungesandLace, is about living healthy, exercise, food, and travelling.

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What is the name of your duty station?
RAF Mildenhall

Where is it located? (City/State/Country)

How long have you been there?
Almost 2 years

Any tips for incoming military members?
Live off base! It bothers me when people try to live on base here, because you are in England! Engross yourself in the culture. Also, make sure you have an international travel passport, because traveling throughout Europe is so amazing and easy to do here.

Say you’re hosting an out of town guest and you only have time to take them to three places or do three things. Where do you take them?
Cambridge is only 20 minutes away, so that's a quick and easy day out. It's beautiful too. Also, spend a day in London. Stonehenge is another thing our guests always like to go see :) It's a bit of a drive, but we understand that it's quite a famous site.


Have you checked out any local festivals or events?
London has quite a lot of events. They do Winter Wonderland during the winter, where they turn all of Hyde Park into a giant Christmas market and fair. They also have a really insane gourmet food festival by the London Eye, where you can food from all these famous chefs for cheap. I know local towns do stuff around here, but I have not made it to any of their events :/

Where are your favorite places to eat/drink?
Almost every weekend my husband and I go get tea and scones at a tea house called Harriet's. It's so British and quaint!

British tea

Are there any local foods/drinks/anything that you love?
I love going to have tea and scones. Otherwise, I'm not a huge fan of English food. I'm quite a healthy and picky eater, and a lot of their food out here is fried, or greasy, or has bacon on top...

What’s your favorite thing about your station/city/surrounding area?
It's beautiful here! We live off in the country side, and there is green everywhere and forests. There are always outdoor farmer markets in all the towns. But I think the best thing about being stationed in Europe, in general, is the opportunity to travel! Flights within Europe are so cheap, and there are so many amazing places to visit. Every 3 day weekend we fly somewhere. It's a wonderful opportunity.

Anything else you want to talk about?
It's practically always cold here. You get about a good warm month in the summer, but otherwise, it's like a permanent winter.

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  1. Hello from an Air Force Brat - I was just writing to Ech that I wish my dad had been stationed in Europe. He was always in Asia. I absolutely LOVE England and tea and scones...mmmm tea! What a wonderful place to be stationed! Enjoy your time there. - Heather, Life of a Traveling Navy Wife