Monday, June 30, 2014

PTSD FREE: A Complete Stress Management System

Stress Is Gone, LLC just launched a free PTSD management system for veterans. Brett Cotter, the Founder & C.E.O. wanted to share a few words with you about it:
FAMILIES WITH A VETERAN WHO HAS PTSD ARE STRAINED BY trauma, limited resources, and ineffective tools. I'm the son and cousin of Vietnam and Iraq Veterans. The gap in veteran healthcare upsets me. As CEO of Stress Is Gone, I set out to develop the best possible PTSD Management System today's technology could offer. More importantly, I wanted to deliver the system to veterans and their families with no red-tape, no waiting lists, and absolutely free.
PTSD FREE is a complete stress management system for service members their spouses, and their children. Downloading this app on each family member's smart phone is a huge step towards restoring harmony in any family. This is how it works. There are 3-core components:
·      The Stopper Tab predicts and shuts down routine PTSD reactions, and helps you stop random reactions as well. Through the use of a questionnaire, PTSD FREE knows when you are most likely going to be stressed. The app shuts down stress by automatically delivering a mini-meditation that quickly activates your body’s relaxation response while you are stressed. The result is automated relief at your fingertips that stops stress in seconds.
·      The Resolve Tab surfaces and soothes the traumatic memories that fuel PTSD reactions. The details of a routine reaction are used as a flashlight to find the memories at the source of the stress. PTSD FREE also helps de-stress the old memory by repeatedly stimulating the relaxation response while you think of the trauma. While using the Resolve Tab you feel tension, emotion, and anxiety release from your mind, body, and the memory. Overtime, resolving the old traumatic memories results in less frequent and much less intense PTSD reactions. 
·      The My Meds Tab helps you set up and commit to an effective meditation practice. Through brainwave entrainment, your mind and body learn how to let go of stress, tension, anxiety, and PTSD. This function allows me to guarantee you, by using this app as recommended, you’ll minimally cut your stress levels in half within 8-weeks.Veterans showed a 50% reduction in symptoms after 8-weeks of practicing meditationMilitary Medicine (Vol. 176, Num. 6).
A few other important facts about the PTSD FREE mobile app:
1.    Our methodology to stimulate the relaxation response is certified by The American Institute of Stress.
2.    Download includes a Stress Is Gone Membership for your entire family providing 24/7 access to additional online tools.
3.    A Stress Is Gone Coach can be reached through the app.
For more information and free app download go to:

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