Saturday, June 14, 2014

Blog Tip: Link Your Social Media to Your Blog

Most bloggers are on the ball about adding their various social media links [FB, Twitter, Pinterest] to their main page on their blogs. If you're one of those bloggers, BRAVO!

If you don't have all of your links up, you should consider doing so and here's why:

Your posts are followed and shared occasionally on Facebook, almost always on Twitter, and now on Pinterest. I always link back to your original post, but I also try to tag your usernames on FB and Twitter as well in order to maximize your exposure to our audiences.

This is not just a directory for military spouses/significant others. You don't need to link up your blog, maybe grab the button, and never come back. You should return! Not just to see who else is linking up to find new blogs, you should also come back and write a guest post! Get yourself featured. FOR FREE!

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